2013 Breeding season

All eggs have already hatched here at WeMorph, and we have some very nice results for this breeding season! There are quite a few Firefly’s, which are eating and growing as we speak, and who will be appearing on the Available page soon. We took some photos of some of them this week:

WeMorph - Python regius - Ball pythons-1 WeMorph - Python regius - Ball pythons-4

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Finally, Lucy’s!

Last year we bred our Fire pair for the first time, hoping we’d get a nice Black Eyed Leucistic out of this breeding, but got only Fires and Normals instead. This year, we paired them up again, and finally got lucky! We got not one, but two female Super Fires!

We’ll be keeping one of them, and last week we took some photos of her, by herself and with a sibling. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Our pretty Black Eyed Leucistic Ball, with a Fire sibling

The 2012 Breeding season had begun!

With the hatching of our first clutch of Ball pythons, from a normal x Spider breeding!

We have two awesome Spider among the babies, I’ll have a photo shoot for them once they’ve shed their skin.

Three more clutches in the incubator, let’s hope for some more pretty babies this year!

New name, new website!

Recently, we decided it was time for a change. A name change, that is! After a few brainstorming sessions, we came up with the name We Morph, which comes from the fact that we’re a duo (hence the We), and we love Morphs ;-)

Our old website was also exactly that, kinda old, and we decided that since we already changed our name, we might as well start all over again with a fresh website and a fresh look as well!

At the moment, the old website is still in the air, but not for long, and the rather boring and old-fashioned green looks have been replaced by fresh white, and grey.