Python regius – Ball Python

The Ball or Royal python is one of the most beautiful species on the planet, and are considered good pets, mainly due to their small size and them being easy to handle. It’s main defense strategy consists of curling up into a ball, with it’s head safely tucked away. Hence it’s name.

There are many, many Ball python morphs, including some very spectacular, and some less spectacular ones. Here at We Morph we own quite a few morphs, and we’re always on the lookout for beautiful new additions to our collection.

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Python regius - Ball python - Pinstripe morphBasic Ball Python information and care

Origin: West-Africa

Adult size: Ball pythons commonly grow to about 1.20m in length, with some exceptions growing up to 1.60-1.70m.

Ball pythons should be housed in a terrarium roughly 2/3 the length of the animal, and housing them separately is best, not only for Balls but for any kind of snake, actually. Temperatures should be kept at around 28 °C, with the hotspot being at around 32 °C. We strongly recommend NOT to use in-tank heat sources like hot rocks and heating bulbs the animal can reach. This is because your pet can burn itself severely this way! We use under tank heating pads here, and they work like a charm, especially when used combined with a thermostat to help regulate the heat.

We provide our animals with a large enough water dish so they can take a soak in them when they want to, and we also give them a hide. We make those ourselves out of small containers we cut a hole in.


We feed our adult animals once every 7-10 days, and we give them medium sized rats. Smaller animals get a sized rat every week, and hatchlings get sized prey every 5-7 days.

Try to feed your Ball python frozen/thawed prey animals, or, when your snake refuses to take those, stunned live ones as live prey can hurt your pet badly.